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What INFY LLC do is provide you with technical support and complete resolutions related to your computer related problems and other related peripherals such as printers, scanners, web cams and a whole lot more. We provide complete and continues support and resolutions to countless computer related issues of customers who contact us via phone and email every day.


Some of the commonly associated problems that we provide online tech support for are Email Setup, install software’s for you, uninstall software’s which can also be a problem in some cases and other cases where we provide complete Microsoft windows support or ms windows support. All said and done we provide you with total IT support and business support.


Although we are independent service providers, (unless expressly mentioned on our website) we also possess fantastic technical knowledge related to computer related issues and technical issues. This is what really enables us to provide customers with some of the very best support that they require.


Computer support and tech support is something that is essential for customers who own computers, and face problems with them. These problems could be related to their laptops and desktops not functioning properly which could be due to number of reasons. Whatever the reasons, we try to ensure that we resolve the problem for you in the first call itself.


Talking about resolutions that we provide customers with related to the computer problems that they face. We have a 95% first call resolution rate on average. This means that when you call us we will get your computer problems rectified for you on that very call. In addition to this our average customer satisfaction scores are also maintained at 98% which is something that is pretty easy to do if you are resolving a most of the problems that come your way.


The only problem we really can’t do much about is, physical damage to your computer, also known as hardware damage. This is something that will entail replacing the part or possibly replacing the entire computer due to impact damage or liquid damage etc.


For all those other problems that appear to be a real nuisance for you we also provide tech support, such as programs not operating properly, Virus Removal, pop ups appearing on your screen, Windows Support, warnings for no apparent reason, unresponsive computer, spyware Removal which can be a real problem for you, and in-fact any other problem that you may encounter.


For more information feel to contact us via our contact page, here you can email. Alternatively you can always call us on the toll free number mentioned on our site. Also feel free to explore our site and have a look at all the features and services that we provide.